Projects and Publications

Currently I'm working on probabilistic numerics, numerical optimization and neural design.


PlutoAR: An Augmented Reality Interpreter for Education
arXiv, September, 2018
Shourya Pratap Singh, Ankit Panda, Susobhit Panigrahi, Ajaya K Dash

This entry won the first prize of 5000$ at UnitedByHCL Hackthon.

PlutoAR is an affordable, tangible Augmented Reality Interpreter for the K-10 Curriculum. The kit consists of a "Launchpad" where you place "tiles" to create programmable experience, observable using the Android app, such as taking off a rocket, navigating a maze using control loops and solving simple math.


Delaunay Triangulation for Clustering High Energy Jet Particles.

Ankit Panda

Performed clustering of artificially generated jet particles ( ROOT ) by grouping them using Delaunay Triangulation through the CGAL library. Also made created a test and perfomance analysis suite in Go for clustering.

The hyperlink goes to my tutorial on Delaunay Triangulation.


Raytracer using OpenGL

Ankit Panda

Made a minimal raytracer with Phong Blinn Shading Model using OpenGL.

Course Projects

Augmented Reality Methods For Education
Ankit Panda

Awarded perfect score in institute, top 10% from 250 submissions.

This report raises questions about the condition of the Indian education system, details about school trips, psychology of children, reviews and discusses thoughts on AR as a supplement, a viable interactive solution to make classrooms more interactive.


A Review on Convolutional Neural Networks for Eye Tracking
Ankit Panda, Shourya Pratap Singh

In our seminar report, we explain a novel way to track the eye using convolutional neural networks. We rely heavily on the research carried out by Krafka and Khosla on their paper titled, "Eye Tracking for Everyone", CVPR, 2016.

Expositions and Tutorials

Geometrical Explorations of the Lagrangian Multipliers
Ankit Panda

A river bed, some beads and a 3D surface plot.


Engineering in India.
Critique Article, Ankit Panda

Finding out the discrimination of the grading system of India through plots of marks versus position of in the class.

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