The List @ May, 2020

🔥 You only live once 🔥 YOLO 🔥

Minute by minute, day by day I push to achieve my dreams.

New stuff:

To be updated.

Au revoir, Ankit


24/05/2020: small changes and removed video games backlog as I just can't do it. It's still visible here in case you're curious. I kinda have lost interest in video games.

18/05/2020: Well shit, COVID19 is ravaging the world so stay safe guys! Removed some and added few mostly what I wanted to do when COVID ended. Added new video games backlog and moved some goals from this list to that.

04/11/2019: Removed some video game achievements and lowered YouTube expectations, lol

31/10/2019: Created and pushed this list, added around 20 items to the one I had in Notes.